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29.05.2014 This is the Official Music Video for Simcha L'Artzecha! By Simcha Leiner. Album available for purchase on iTunes - http://bit.ly/1lUauZE This music video artistically depicts the career of Simcha Leiner. After writing his mega hit song Kol Berama while in yeshiva - Simcha's music career took on a life of its own. Hundreds of weddings later, Simcha had become an accomplished artist releasing a chart topping album Pischi Li. A concert tour quickly followed and Simcha continues to perform at concerts and events worldwide! Credits: Album Produced by Yochi Briskman Song Written by - Yitzy Waldner | Song Arranged by - Udi Damari Izeek Daniel (MediaPRO) PR Video Produced & directed by - Moshe Bree - http://moshebree.com/ Written by - Mendy Pellin | Lighting by - Steiner Productions Assistant Producer- Moshe Steele | Filmed by - Moshe Bree, Moshe Finkelstein, Brian Berkowitz, and Dani Diamond Edited by - Moshe Bree | Beats Programmed by - Aryeh Grohman Featured Musicians - Aryeh Kunstler, Avi Bernstein, Rambam, John Tendy, Tony Montalbo, Justin Mullens, Earl Maneen, Gal Gershovsky, Ryan Keberle, Paul Levant, and The Zemiros Choir. לחן: איציק וולדנר ושמחה ליינר עיבוד: אודי דמרי כתיבה ובימוי: מנדי פלין מנהל צילום: משה ברי הפקת האלבום: יוחי בריסקמן Facebook.com/SimchaLeiner Twitter.com?SimchaLeiner

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