24Jewish Video Clip of the day, Valentine’s Day in Tel Aviv and A Jewish Star GREAT VIDEOS SELECTION

February 14th marks Valentine's Day, and though not a Jewish holiday, it appears the young and in love celebrate in the Jewish State as well. Jennifer Kaiden, American Tourist in Israel: "I celebrate Valentine's Day because celebrating love is important and it doesn’t matter where you are around the world, it's important for everyone."  Yuval Sela, Flower Shop Salesman: "Every year we sell on Valentine's Day, it’s a big day for business, people like roses, like colors. It’s a love day, people like celebration, to go out. First they buy flowers, and then the rest." Netta Kaiden, American Tourist in Israel: "I think it's very nice to express your love to someone you love every day, but if you have a special day, even better." Saint Valentine's Day is of Christian origin. And in the Hebrew calendar there is another day celebrated by couples called 'Tu Beav'. Oren Migdal, Chabad representative: "I think it's very sad that Jews who have traditions of thousands of years and have their own holidays imitate the non-Jews and take their holidays". Udi Kobi, Tel Aviv Resident: "People don’t know really what is to be a jew, what is Christianity. They don’t know. So they celebrate what they think is good. I don’t judge them, but it is confusion." Netta Kaiden, American Tourist in Israel: "If they don’t lose their connection to their heritage, I don't think there's a problem, you can celebrate." Jennifer Kaiden, American Tourist in Israel: "It's like eating different foods from all over the world." Yossef Faibish, Bat Ayin Resident: "It’s a Christian holiday. I don’t know exactly what it means, but I know that if people are happy, it makes them happy and they celebrate together, that’s a good thing. So why not." As in many other countries, many Tel Avivian restaurants, shops and boutiques offer special discounts on products and gifts in honor of the festive day. And though not everyone understands or agrees with the meaning of the holiday or where the tradition stems from, most people we spoke to here in Israel, always like a reason to celebrate. Yuval Sela, Flower Shop Salesman: "I celebrate anything I can celebrate. A party is a party, Valentine's Day and other days, whichever." Tamar Golan, Tel Aviv Resident: "If you want to celebrate love, just celebrate. For me, this is life, to enjoy life." Oren Migdal, Chabad representative : "Most of the Jews who celebrate this day, it isn't because of religious reasons. It's because they want to dance and party. We have our religion and thank God, we are happy about it." And so, a Tel Avivian Valentine's Day takes off, even here, in the Jewish State. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Tel Aviv

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