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18.01.2009 BBC: Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp Discusses IDF Gaza Ops

Popular Richard Kemp Videos Col. Richard Kemp on Israel, Gaza, Morality, and a Complicit Press 24.07.2014 Former Col. Richard Kemp, who was head of British forces in Afghanistan, says no other army in the world has ever done more than Israel is doing now to save civilian lives. On the other side, Hamas deliberately sacrifices the lives of their children to protect their damned missiles, hoping for photo ops that will help them win their propaganda war. Kemp has seen it before, and he's seeing it now again. Meanwhile, self-deceiving, self-righteous, self-congratulatory members of the press in Britain and America play right along, encouraging Hamas to sacrifice still more of their children. Says Kemp, the press therefore bears responsibility, in some cases, for past and future deaths. Small wonder so many well-meaning Brits and Americans see vile Hamas terrorists as 'underdogs' rather than the forefront of Islamist terror moving towards Europe and America. Once again, Israel fights the "civilized" world's battles receiving nothing but the civilized world's condemnation in return. This two-minute video clip is from ABC World News.

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