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YIDDISH THEATRE: A LOVE STORY From Dan Katzir: "I was vacationing in New York in December 2000 when I stumbled across Zypora Spaisman. If she would have been sixty years younger, I probably would have fallen madly in love with her. Zypora in her nineties had an amazing energy - forcing me to see her show in Yiddish. For me it was a first, since Yiddish represented for me something I had always been ashamed of, because for me Yiddish represented an old world that I never liked or cared about. However, by the end of the show, I had fallen in love with Yiddish, Yiddish Theater, and the actors who were struggling to keep their show from closing. They asked if I could help in some way, and I suggested documenting their show. I lived for one week with this fascinating group of actors in a show that kept getting more and more positive reviews by the major press, yet got less and less audience. I was shocked that no one had come to see the show, even when they were voted one of the top ten off-Broadway shows for 2000. Thus it became a journey not only into our grandparents' culture and heritage - but also into the real meaning of art. As young artists it was an intense journey into every artist's nightmare in which there are no more people who speak the language of their art. In that week I learned the meaning not only of perseverance, but also of the love of art for art's sake, even when there may be no audience for it."

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