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22.02.2014 Israel's Generals is a comparison between three leaders and explores why Israel, proud to be a democracy, continue to choose generals as its political leaders? The program also asks whether there will ever be peace as long as fighters lead the way. PART 1, a critical look at the life of legendary one-eyed General Moshe Dayan, who took charge of his nation's occupation of the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza following the 1967 Israeli-Arab war. PART 2, a critical appraisal of the life and actions of Itzhak Rabin. A former general and statesman, he was assassinated in 1995 while attempting to implement the doomed Oslo peace accords. PART 3, a critical look at the life of Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, who was re-elected for the second time in January, 2003. Known in his homeland as 'Arik', he has courted controversy with his tough stance against the Palestinians in a military and political career spanning more than half a century.

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