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What do I need for my Passover Seder Table? Dr. Rachael Turkienicz shows you the different items you'll need in order to have a Passover Seder.

What is on the Seder Plate? Dr. Rachael Turkienicz takes you through the different objects that are on the Seder Plate at Passov

Rachael's Centre for Torah, Mussar and Ethics is a not for profit, charitable organization that focuses on sharing and applying Jewish wisdom from a woman's perspective. Dr. Rachael Turkienicz, our founder and executive director, has developed a unique approach to revealing these ancient truths in the context of a modern world. Rachael holds a Ph.D. in Talmudic and Midrashic Studies from Brandeis University. Currently she is a Professor at York University in both of its Education and Jewish Studies faculties. Rachael is an influential and needed woman's voice within Judaism today. Rachael's Centre in Toronto and rachaelscentre.org are pluralistic, community based, unaffiliated and open to people of all backgrounds. The core of the Centre and its programmes is the wisdom of Jewish text presented through a female lens. Rachael's Centre also offers programmes and courses on the interior moral and life systems of Mussar (Jewish ethics).

Tips for Easier Passover Cleaning

Rachelle Sprecher - Pre-Pesach message

Holocaust Survivors Recall Passover Traditions and Customs

Kupat Ha'ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha'ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada http://www.kupat.org

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