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the celebration of the 10 tevet in ibiza 5770

04.01.2010 rabbi yoel kraus in the celebration of the new time !

Psak Din - 10 B'Teves 5747

 13.06.2014 Rabbi Marlow presenting the Rebbe the Psak Din about the need of Moshiach to come.

10 Teves 5725

 21.12.2015 This is an audio recording of the Rebbe reciting penitential prayers on the Tenth of Teves. The clip is narrated by Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi who was a yeshiva student at the time.

The Fast of 10 Tevet and Why It's Important

15.12.2010 Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founder of Jewish Treats' parent organization, the National Jewish Outreach Program, discusses the Fast of 10 Tevet and why it is significant today. The 10th of the Hebrew month of Tevet is the day we observe in commemoration of the siege of Jerusalem that took place thousands of years ago, leading to the destruction of the Holy Temple. The siege lasted for two years and in the year 586 BCE, the Babylonians broke through the wall and destroyed Jerusalem. 10 Tevet is more than just a Fast Day commemorating the siege of Jerusalem. It represents the opportunities that we had, that we missed because we did not do what God asked us to do: To repent, to be loyal to God and to do the right thing. We could have stopped the destruction of the Temple. The Talmud says the First Temple was destroyed because the Jews were engaged in idolatry, adultery and murder. Its hard to believe, but apparently it was true. We have had periods of history where the Jews did horrible things. We today have an opportunity to make sure that that wall is not breached. We have an opportunity to make sure that the Temple, although today we don't have a physical Temple, but the Temple in our hearts is pure and clean and not destroyed. Rabbi Kook once said about the destruction of the Second Temple, if we have been destroyed and the world has been destroyed with us, becuase of hatred without cause, we can rebuild and the world together with us can be rebuilt with love without cause. If we would love one another without cause, not because of their kindness, but just express love whenever you have the opportunity, we can rebuild the Temple. Rabbi Buchwald and the team at Jewish Treats hope you have a meaningful fast on 10 Tevet!

Jeûne du 10 Tevet 5773

21.12.2014 Jeûne du 10 Tevet 5773

10 tevet toujours d actualite

"עד עשרה בטבת כל הרשעים ימותו!" הגאון הרב יורם אברג'ל זצוק"ל בשם החפץ חיים


The Lubavitcher Rebbe Reading the Haftarah of a fast day

23.06.2010 10 Tevet, 5748 · December 31, 1987 The Rebbe recites the Haftarah for communal fast days.

עשרה בטבת

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10 de Tevet

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