24Jewish Video Clip EVENT of the day, Flags march for Jerusalem Day, awesome!, Jerusalem Day 2014 on IBA and more. Part 2 The Israel Calendar, Great Videos Selection

28.05.2014 http://israelvideosfeed.com Jerusalem - Thousands took part Sunday in the annual Flag March in Jerusalem, which celebrates the city's reunification in 1967 after 19 years of division.

29.05.2014 Once a year, on Jerusalem day, Israeli politicians get a chance to set Jerusalem over their highest joy. Naftali Bennet, leader of the Jewish Home party, launched his latest stunt this year - and guided a late night tour of the unified city. Story by: Tal Shalev Camera: Nasib Safdi Edit: Nir Waxman

28.05.2014 Israelis celebrate Jerusalem Day 2014 amid news the country's largest city is one of the poorest, most religious and happiest.

28.05.2014 Happy Jerusalem Day! Learn about Jerusalem, a holy city for the world's three major religions. American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise

28.05.2014 "Avunu she beshamaim". Jerusalem Day in Moscow. May 25, 2014.

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